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Introducing Sonoguided Sclerotherapy

We are now offering a new procedure that replaces laser and surgery for select patients with varicose veins. This procedure which is done in the office uses and injectable foam which causes closure (sclerosis) of the veins without the need for surgery. The solution is compounded Poiklodechol, an FDA approved solution for treatment of these varicose veins.  It can because used for varicose veins up to 2.0cm . Some of our patients have a great deal of pressure on the venous system.  This can be a problem for traditional endovenous laser procedures as closure failure rates are higher. Additionally for microphlebectomy these types of varicosities can carry an increased risk of bleeding.

For these patients Sonogudied Slerotherapy has been used to treat these patients without the need for surgery. The varicose veins are  effectively sealed off relieving the pressure within and thus relieveing the patients symptoms. The procedure is usually performed within 15 minutes under local anesthesia.

Here at Continental Medical Vein Treatment Centers we have performed more than 25 patients so far with excellent results.

Please see our website for some very nice before and after photos or call our office at 718-261-1471 for more information.

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